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It is getting increasingly common now to see a single, cost-efficient multi-function printer replacing several low cost printers in office environment. Not only do these devices cover the printing requirements, but they also provide copying, scanning and even faxing function. Combining up to 4 different peripherals into one machine reduces resource requirements and the cost required for maintenance. If not properly monitored, however, user could wastes resources by making unnecessary copies of documents.

PrintUsage Pro and MFP

That’s where the PrintUsage Pro Multi-Function Printer support feature of 3.5 comes in. Through the use of a simple plug-in, every aspect of the MFP can be monitored and it’s usage integrated directly with the other features of the print monitoring system. So whether a user wants to print or copy a document, the related job information is relayed back to the PrintUsage Pro manager and the appropriate charges are made to the relevant user.

In addition to the quota system that can be integrated with these devices, access restrictions can also be imposed for different groups and users. For example, an administrator is able to configure access to just the printing and copying function for a group or specific users, meaning the user will need to ask permission before they can scan or fax documents.

User Authentication Integration

Using the PrintUsage Pro MFP management software, a user already present in the PrintUsage Pro database can be bound to an MFP login ID. With this single login account, PrintUsage Pro is able to recognize when a user prints a document or makes a copy request and then retrieves the relevant job information. And because no printed document is released from the printing queue before it’s owner authenticates him/herself, there is no security risk that is usually associated with shared printers.
An added benefit of user authentication is fewer wasted resources. Once a user has authenticated themselves from the display of the printer, the user is able to review the documents that belong to them in the waiting queue and then confirm those that they want to be printed, and those that were either printed in error or that aren’t necessary anymore.

User Procedure

Should a user need to use the multi-function printer, the integration of PrintUsage Pro will only make the experience more functional.

  1. If the user needs to print a document, they would start by sending the job in exactly the same way as you would to any other printing device.
  2. At the printer, the user is asked for login credentials, these can either be entered via the touch screen display, or via swiping their ID card.
  3. Depending on that particular user’s privileges, the printer will display what options are available. If they require a document printing, that document can either be confirmed or cancelled from this menu. Otherwise options for copying, scanning or faxing will be presented.
  4. After the user is finished, the printer will relay the task information back to PrintUsage Pro, which will then make the relevant charges against that user’s quota allowance.

Copy job content logging

This feature support only TOSHIBA, KYOCERA, and specific MFP.
When user copy any documentation, the image of the copied document will be sent to PrintUsage Server as PDF format file by MFP. PU will save the pdf files and the copy log.

Scan to me

This feature support only TOSHIBA, KYOCERA, and specific MFP. When user login the MFP by swiping smart card or entering user name and password, the document scanned will be sent to user’s email directly.


Once the installation of PrintUsage Pro completes, a plug-in can be added for Kyocera, Sharp and Toshiba MFPs to integrate peripherals quick and simple. Konica Minolta is coming soon.

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Product Highlights
  • Web-based management interface grants administrators full-featured control & setting of the system from anywhere with internet connection.
  • The print server deployment support only Windows OS, but can manage print jobs sent from any operating system.
  • Unit printing cost of printing for printers can either be default value from easy installation or be set individually for greater flexibility.
  • Extensive reporting features makes it simple to generate all types of reports.
  • Synchronizes user accounts with Active Directory, LDAP server, Database, Excel file or text file.
  • PrintUsage Pro is highly saleable: an unrestricted number of users share an unrestricted number of servers and printers.
  • A customizable notification service notifies users when print job is printed or blocked print for any reason.
  • Users can review their print history and remaining balance without requesting system administrator for report.
  • Print job content capture (Enterprise Version only)
  • Reprint job capability (Enterprise Version only)
  • Selective user monitoring (Enterprise Version only)
  • Manual audit of print jobs that have been sent to specialty printers (Enterprise Version only)
  • Follow me print jobs support printer with same driver or PrintUsage Universal Print Driver installed
  • Print content full text search based on PrintUsage Universal Print Driver
  • Support specific MFP include TOSHIBA, SHARP, KYOCEAR. Function include print, copy, scan and fax.
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