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Card Reader-Swipe and Print Feature
Card Reader-Swipe and Print

You may familiar with normal printing procedure: print a file, then rush to the printer to collect your paper before anyone else takes it (by accident). With PrintUsage Pro Card Reader Swipe & Print solution, this will never happen!

PrintUsage Pro Card Reader Swipe & Print is the secured printing solution for companies and organizations need an efficient print management solution to saves time and money.

How Does It Work?

With PrintUsage Pro Card Reader Swipe & Print, documents can only be printed by their owners, which provides absolute security as no documents will be printed before the user identified themselves by swipe their card and select document to print. With PrintUsage Pro, companies can also cut down the number of small and expensive personal printers and replace them with fewer, cost-efficient multi-function printers (MFPs). All without compromising document security.

In addition, a Swipe & Print solution reduces the impact of printer downtime because users can go to any PrintUsage Pro enabled printer and print their documents.

With Swipe & Print, users are present at the printer when their documents are being printed so this eliminates the piles of uncollected printouts that are usually left at printers or taken by the wrong person.

What Does It Mean for Users?

From a user’s perspective, Swipe & Print changes their workday habits in a good way. Especially for users who print many documents during the course of the day. With Swipe & Print, they do not need to rush to the printer anymore. User can collect all their documents into one batch and then go print them at one time.

User Benefits

Users can:

  1. Print documents under Windows.
  2. Go to any vacant PrintUsage Pro-enabled printer.
  3. Easy user Identification with card, code or both.
  4. Select documents user want to print and pick them up from the printer’s output bin.

“Swipe & Print” document reroute:sometimes user send out costly print job first, but only to find that it’s jammed, broken down completely or in the middle of printing a 100 page report for another user. Regardless of the printer a user originally chose to print their documents, they can authenticate themselves against at any printer controlled by PrintUsage Pro and the system will reroute the print job in the waiting queue to that particular printer.

What Happens to Documents that are not printed?

Documents kept in PrintUsage Pro’s server until users identify themselves at the printer and collect their paper. Documents that are not printed by users are automatically deleted after a configurable time.

PrintUsage pauses all print jobs until user swipe the smart card to release it.
Print job is released in the order of smart card swiped.

The Next Step?

A PrintUsage Pro installation guide is the typical way to start. Later, additional functions or features can be added.

Contact a sales representative today by calling (800) 800-6328 or email us at

 PrintUsage Pro 4.0 User Guide
 PrintUsage Pro 4.0 User Installation Guide
 PrintUsage Pro 4.0 Rapid Configuration Guide
Product Highlights
  • Web-based management interface grants administrators full-featured control & setting of the system from anywhere with internet connection.
  • The print server deployment support only Windows OS, but can manage print jobs sent from any operating system.
  • Unit printing cost of printing for printers can either be default value from easy installation or be set individually for greater flexibility.
  • Extensive reporting features makes it simple to generate all types of reports.
  • Synchronizes user accounts with Active Directory, LDAP server, Database, Excel file or text file.
  • PrintUsage Pro is highly saleable: an unrestricted number of users share an unrestricted number of servers and printers.
  • A customizable notification service notifies users when print job is printed or blocked print for any reason.
  • Users can review their print history and remaining balance without requesting system administrator for report.
  • Print job content capture (Enterprise Version only)
  • Reprint job capability (Enterprise Version only)
  • Selective user monitoring (Enterprise Version only)
  • Manual audit of print jobs that have been sent to specialty printers (Enterprise Version only)
  • Follow me print jobs support printer with same driver or PrintUsage Universal Print Driver installed
  • Print content full text search based on PrintUsage Universal Print Driver
  • Support specific MFP include TOSHIBA, SHARP, KYOCEAR. Function include print, copy, scan and fax.
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